We’re proud to announce that Seattle’s first “Ice-Pop CSA” is now live!!

Subscribe to the Six Strawberries Pops of the Month Club (http://www.sixstrawberries.com/pops-of-the-month) and receive monthly boxes of seasonally inspired artisan ice-pop flavors!

From October 2014 through March 2015, The Pops of the Month Club will be our way of staying available to our fans year-round, your way of supporting Six Strawberries’ continued growth….and your home freezer’s way of staying totally awesome and delicious. 😉

Subscriptions are available in Small (2 boxes), Medium (4 boxes), and Large (8 boxes) – Order individual months/sizes, or pre-order a Season Pass to reserve your pops for all 6 months!

ORDER ONLINE NOW: http://www.sixstrawberries.com/shop/