Hello ice-pop fans – Will Lemke of Six Strawberries here with some updates on our company for 2014!

It’s been a busy Winter for Six Strawberries as we’ve prepared for growth in our 2014 Summer season and upgraded our production equipment with a major overhaul.

Regarding our new equipment – we sourced a flash-freezing popsicle machine from Brazil that not only allow us to make our pops at a much larger volume, but the ice-pops themselves are markedly improved! Our delicious recipes now have an added creaminess to their texture, and it is awesome! The machine we’re using is called the Turbo-8, it’s made by company called Finamac, and it’s used by many other artisan ice-pop companies around the world. We would have loved to have launched Six Strawberries in 2012 using the machine, but as a small upstart introducing a new product to Seattle’s street-food scene, it was important to grow slowly. At the time, I was still working in commercial video as my day job, and Vanessa was busy with her DJ & Karaoke business with some CPA work here and there.

A couple years later and Six Strawberries is definitely on its way to being a staple in Seattle’s food community – I closed down my video production office at the end of 2013, changed my voicemail to no longer accept commercial clients, and began my life as a full time popsicle maker and marketer for Six Strawberries. Vanessa’s still busy with her Dj’ing and weekly karaoke shows, but has traded all CPA-on-the-side work to our own business needs. As our company’s sales/finance/business lead she has awesome plans for our company in 2014. Expect to see us at your favorite festivals, out in the streets with our bikecart, back in the farmers markets, and likely serving artisan pops at your best friend’s wedding (or perhaps your own). In short, we’ll be getting busy. Along with our own sales, our pops can currently be found in select specialty stores and venues, including The Central Co-Op (aka Madison Market) on Capitol Hill.

What this means for you?

Delicious things…that’s what it means. And easier access to the deliciousness!

Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter accounts to stay on top of our adventures in the world of pops – We can’t thank the awesome folks of Seattle enough for the past two years of support, and we’re confident in saying that this ride has just begun!


– Will Lemke / Six Strawberries co-owner & head-chef