It’s December in Seattle, the town’s first dusting of snow has arrived, and perhaps our fans might be asking, “Just what does an ice-pop company do in its low season??”

Even as Six Strawberries continues to grow, the months between November and May are naturally slower in production, our farmers market sales cease for the Winter, our icicle-tricycle heads into hibernation, and our vintage van gets its needed time in the shop for repairs and upgrades. Most importantly, the Winter season allows Vanessa and myself to step back and look at the big picture to ask ourselves, “Where is this operation heading? What growth can we reasonably set-up and execute before the next Summer…?”

And so, after some much-needed R&R, we are back on the grind to prepare for what will undoubtedly be our busiest season yet! Summer 2015, here we come!!!

Our major projects for this winter include: Securing a new production facility! / Expanding wholesale! / Updating our branding, packaging! / Creating tons of media for promo (photos, video & animation)! / Growing our mobile sales and catering team!

…And of course, throughout all of these goals, our “Pops of the Month Club” – Seattle’s first “CSA for ice-pops” – is in full stride from now until March 2015! This project allows us to stay relevant in Seattle’s foodie scene by cranking out small, seasonally inspired pops that we’d otherwise not have a venue to release (yes, you can find our pops year-round at the amazing Central-Coop….but Pumpkin Pie Pops?! Those are reserved for our Pops of the Month Club subscribers). If you are reading this, and the thought of artisan ice-pops being delivered to your door once a month gets your tastebuddies a’tingling….head to our shop and cop some pops, yo!!!

Finally, it should be mentioned that Six Strawberries is available for catering 365 days a year! Our gourmet ice-pops are a perfect fit for holiday work parties, family gatherings, reunions, weddings, promotional events, or any other special event. A cold treat is just as tasty in the winter…especially when eaten in a cozy room full of friends and loved ones (let’s get our “hygge” on Seattle!!) – This year, include Six Strawberries “poptails” at your holiday party. Your guests will love this trending take on cocktails!

So while you won’t be seeing our bike-cart or van around until this Winter thaws, we will most definitely be keeping busy! Busy coming up with new and unique recipes, busy strengthening our relationships with our partners, busy spreading the “Six Strawberries” word, and busy catching up on all the various admin-tivities that are waiting for us after an action-filled Summer season.

Stay in touch with our progress and growth here on our website, on our very active social media feeds, and don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions regarding catering for this holiday season! – And for those thinking of booking Six Strawberries for 2015 wedding catering, secure your dates soon!! Availability for Spring/Summer dates will fill up fast in the New Year!! :)

With love & thoughts of frozen fruit,

-Will Lemke co-owner / head chef

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